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Angiogram cost in Bangladesh

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What is an angiogram?

A coronary angiogram is a very unique procedure which takes dynamic radiographic(x-ray) images of your heart. The main reason of this angiogram procedure is to see in case the coronary supply routes are limited or blocked and to seek for abnormalities of heart muscle or heart valves. Another way to say coronary angiogram is cardiac catheterization. The test is done in a special laboratory room which is called a cardiac catheterization laboratory (cath lab), which is comparable to an operating theatre. A special kind of sensitive dye(contrast) that can be seen injected into your heart. Then, pictures are taken of your blood vessels as the dye moves through them.

Coronary angiogram procedure

During this process, a machine will keep track of your heart rate while you are undergoing the test. Doctor clean the area on your both sides of groin and wrist with an antiseptic wash to kill the germs and pushes a very small amount of local anaesthetic around the wrist or groin to make numb the area then again pushes a small catheter through the patient skin into the blood vessel. The doctor uses X-rays to watch as the catheter moves inside the body, and they can see it on a TV screen. When the contrast is injected, patients may feel a warm sensation or a tingling feeling.

Angiogram cost in Bangladesh

As we discussed, a coronary angiogram is comparable to a small operation and performed in a cath lab and very shortly it’s possible to diagnose the problem in heart and the patient can go home within 3 hours after the coronary angiogram. There are so many hospitals in Bangladesh and they offer very lengthy processes and high angiogram charges. But we offer to our patient’s coronary angiogram services in affordable and standard packages in Bangladesh.

Angiogram Packages

Basically, we offer three packages to our patients and the package price is between 18000/- to 25000/-

  • Basic package: 18000/-
  • Standard package: 22000/-
  • Premium package: 25000/-

Angiogram cost in Bangladesh


The patient will have to pay extra fees for certain tests, anesthesia, and other procedures. The cost for each of these will depend on what is done or used:

  • Echo Color Doppler Tk. 2,200/-
  • Anaesthesia Tk. 1,500/- (if given)
  • Hemo Dialysis Tk. 3,500/-
  • CD Tk. 1,000/- (if extra is required)
  • Cabin charge if patient avails.
  • The hospital will only give medicines for the Cath Lab procedure and not for other diseases that are not part of the package.
  • The patient needs to buy their own blood, blood products, and extra medicine if they are needed, and they have to pay for them.

Professor AKM Manzurul Alam cardiac care and his team are highly determined to provide the best coronary angiogram test to the cardiac patients in an affordable angiogram cost in Bangladesh and diagnose the exact problems and percentage of block in the heart. Our specialist cardiologist take only half an hour to complete the test and patient can go home just only after one an hour showing the tests to cardiac surgeon Professor AKM Manzurul Alam sir.


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